Kitchen H20 ~vs~ Bathroom H20 . . .

So, I have been thinking about this topic for a very long time… since probably my childhood.  Why does a glass of cold water from the bathroom sink faucet seem to taste so much different from a glass of cold water from the faucet in the kitchen??

Water from the Kitchen Faucet

...H2O, fa la lala; H20 fa la lala...

To be honest with you, I absolutely love the water from the bathroom sink.  To me it is more refreshing and I love chugging a glass down.  I very rarely ever drink water from the kitchen for that matter.  Doesn’t all of the water in my house come from the same spot/well/city line/etc… ??  Does the water go though a filter first in the bathroom and then travels out to the kitchen??  I just don’t know.  You see, it is not even just in my current home.  In every place I have ever lived back to my mom’s house, I have had this weird observation.  I have been thinking about doing one of those “blind taste tests” that you have seen done by Pepsi vs Coke  or  Coors Light vs Miller Lite…


...Soda vs Soda, Brother vs Brother...

So, I have compiled a couple of different ways to see if it is just me or I have a valid point.

1. Blind Taste Test – line up my friends and family for a blind A vs B taste test.  What glass of water do you prefer??  Which seems more refreshing??

2. Test the Water Contents – does one have more fluoride or iron or something else because of location??  Are the results the same in other people’s homes??  Is water from one room colder/warmer than the other??

3. The House Itself – Are there different pipes that flow from the water source to the bathroom/kitchen?? Is there filter systems in place for one or the other.

4. Survey – Ask the question to a wide group of people.  Make sure I cover all regions of the US and possibly Europe and other Countries.  What about Australia, the water goes down the drain the opposite direction than here so maybe I like kitchen water better there than I do here at home.  Compile all of the results/data and chart/graph the information to deduce an answer.

Well, I plan on getting the answer to my question before the end of this year.  I will try to complete at least 2 out of the 3 tests OR any other suggestions that you may have would definitely be taken into consideration.  I have tried to research this on the web, but there is no concrete answer, only speculation and opinion of which one tastes better.  Try it out for yourself, I am sure you will notice a difference… just try not to drink the toilet water.  That’s not in the equation.  Feel free to let me know where you like the water from better in your own home.

Famous people enjoying bathroom water

...Cheers to you mister bathroom water drinker...

Remember – Don’t bring cotton candy into the shower.



ps… maybe I should take into consideration a nice drink of water from the garden hose??